What organizations can I nominate and present for?

Any local 501(c)(3) organization is eligible to be nominated. A local organization is an organization that primarily serves the North Texas area. e.g. A national organization such as the “Boys & Girls Club” would be ineligible, but the local chapter “Boys & Girls Club of Collin County” would be eligible.

Where does the X 100 come from?

We hope to reach and maintain an organization of 100 members. Also, each member commits to $100 per meeting. Thus the “X 100” title to our club. If we are fortunate enough to have interest exceed that number, it would be wonderful to have another club form.

Why just men?

In our research we discovered that many purpose driven clubs begin as exclusive to males or females. We hope this will maximize the number of families who are able to participate in our club. It would be wonderful to see a similar organization exclusive to women to take form.

What are eligibility requirements?

Simple. Commit to writing out four checks per year for $100 each with the understanding that you will not know who they will be made out to in advance. Ideally, we would like to see members attend all four meetings, but we do not want to exclude those who are not able to make all meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting, it is expected that you make sure a check for $100 makes it to that meeting.

Can I donate to an organization even if they did not win the vote?

Absolutely. You must donate $100 to the charity that did win the popular vote, but beyond that, it is your money. It is our hope that all charities that are represented in our forum benefit from the free publicity. You can also make a donation of more than $100 to the winner if you are moved to do so.