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A benefit of creating a community is to get to better know people of similar means and motivations. Using the directory for spam or solicitations is prohibited. Reaching out to each other between meetings in order to continue our efforts, or even our conversations, is encouraged.
Emails will be used to keep members aware of future meeting dates, times, and locations. We will not share any information with winning charities, other than what is required for tax purposes. An expectation we deliver to any organization who receives funds is that they cannot use any information for future solicitations, nor are they allowed to share or use this information for any public or private purpose.

Member Directory Information
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I understand if I choose to participate in Giving X 100 I am making a personal commitment to donate $400.00 each year, in the form of $100.00 quarterly meetings, to charities/ non-profits/worthy causes serving the North Texas area. I also understand that, even if the charity chosen is not my first choice, as a member I will donate to the charity of the group’s choice. If I am not able to attend the quarterly meeting, it is MY responsibility to make every effort to have the check delivered by the time of the meeting.

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